Dating Industry Reaches 2.1 Billion

Feb 3, 2012

According to a press release, the U.S. Dating Services industry has reached $2.1 billion, and online dating services account for just over half of this amount. While the dating services industry has seen phenomenal growth in the past decade, future growth is expected to taper off due to market saturation and increased competition from other venues such as social networking.

online datingTo be frank, we were a bit surprised by this news, as we expected the industry to be much larger than $2 billion. After all, love is something humans almost universally aspire to, and given how busy modern life has become, we would have thought the dating industry would be making much more money.

Now, $2 billion may sound like a lot in terms of sheer dollar amount, but compared to other mainstream industries, it's quite small. To get a sense of how big the dating industry is compared to other industries, take a look at some statistics we gathered on the size of other mainstream industries:

Based on these numbers, it seems people would rather spend money gambling, playing video games, or watching porn instead of trying to find a date.

To be fair, the dating industry targets just one portion of the population (i.e., mainly singles), however with close to 100 million singles in the US, we think the number could be a lot higher.